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Summary Sum Insured Include Premium
Personal Possessions & Desktop Computer Equipment
Please note: This is a compulsory cover – please select a sum insured; the minimum is £2,000.
Personal Possessions & Desktop Computer Equipment Is Required

Optional Extensions

Please note: There is no cover for the items listed below under the Possession & Desktop Computer Equipment section, so if you require cover for these items they must be selected below.
Policy Benefit Sum Insured Include Premium
I-Pads, Laptops & Portable Computers | Cover Anywhere Within The United Kingdom (Plus Up To 60 Days Worldwide)
Warning: Laptop, I-Pads & Portable Computers | Room Only Must Be Selected With UK Coverage With An Equal Or Greater Sum.
Accidental Damage Item Limits Apply
Accidental Damage To Landlords Property | Tenants Liability £10,000
Criminal Assault £500
Legal Expenses £30,000
Mobile Phones | Cover Anywhere Within United Kingdom (Plus Up To 60 days Worldwide)
Please note: The mobile phone must have been purchased within the United Kingdom or your Home Country and been used with a UK SIM card.
Pedal Cycle | Cover Anywhere Within The United Kingdom (Plus Up To 45 Days Within Europe)
Excess Protection Cover
Please Ensure A Sum Is Selected
Total Premium:
Policy Fee : £5.00

Total Amount Payable: £5.00

Automatic Covers

Policy Benefit Sum Insured Included
Landlords Property | Tenants Liability £5,000
Liability for Rented Household Goods Item Limits Apply
Replacement Locks and Keys £500
Credit Cards £500
Personal Money £50
Legal Liability £1,000,000
Personal Accident £10,000